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d157mOptn: An isoform of mouse optineurin post featured image

d157mOptn: An isoform of mouse optineurin

By Shivranjani C Moharir / February 7, 2020 /

d157mOptn is a novel isoform of mouse optineurin which is impaired in autophagy, unlike its full length counterpart. It is possible that d157mOptn can regulate the autophagic function of full length optineurin and might have some significance in diseased condition.

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Hero Image. regulation of protein accumulation in Chickpea

Discovery of genes that regulate chickpea seed development and its nutritional quality

By SubodhVerma / January 16, 2020 /

ABI3, a transcription factor, plays a regulatory role in Seed Storage Protein accumulation in developing Chickpea seed. Over-expression of Chickpea ABI3 in Arabidopsis leads to increased protein content without significant changes in seed weight.

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Role of unique inter-motif communication in Ca2+ sensor protein Caldendrin in neuronal signaling

By Uday / January 7, 2020 /

Caldendrin is a neuronal signalling protein shown to be important in learning and memory. In this post, the author of the scientific article explains how CDD sense the calcium by its unique mechanism.

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