I am Venkata Pardha Saradhi Attuluri; friends call me ‘Pardha Saradhi.’

Introducing Sharebiology (SB)—an initiative born from the challenges I faced during my Ph.D. and Postdoc journey. Recognizing that successful experiments hinge on navigating through fragmented sources, Sharebiology emerged to streamline the research process and enhance networking opportunities.

More than a typical project, Sharebiology features a dedicated blog (https://sharebiology.com/) for simplifying theoretical information, which is currently helping more than 25000 visitors a month and a social networking platform (https://community.sharebiology.com/) where you can create your blog, participate in discussions, and explore job opportunities.

In the intricate world of science, where knowledge resembles a complex pattern, Sharebiology serves as a catalyst for building genuine relationships and sharing valuable insights. Join us at Sharebiology, where the landscape of how scientists connect and collaborate is evolving.

Our objective is clear: Whether you’re a Ph.D. student, postdoctoral fellow or a scientist seeking trustworthy research information, facing experiment challenges, or eager to share breakthrough insights, Sharebiology is designed just for you.

Here’s what Sharebiology offers:

  • Comprehensive Information: Basic and advanced details for various research methods.
  • Latest Research Findings: Stay updated with curated news articles.
  • Podcasts: Dive into insightful discussions in both academic and industrial.
  • Collaborative Networking: Connect with like-minded biologists, create groups, and host virtual meetings via Zoom integration.
  • Personal Blogs: Showcase your knowledge and opinions on scientific findings.
  • Bulletin Board: Explore job opportunities and conferences/events.
  • Forums: Seek expert suggestions for troubleshooting experiments.

Sharebiology isn’t just another platform; it’s a one-stop solution for all your biology research needs. By providing efficient access to information and fostering collaboration, we aim to accelerate scientific discovery and redefine the landscape of biological research.

Like what you see? Found room for improvement? Want to share your thoughts? Reach out to us at hello@sharebiology.com.

Let’s revolutionize biology research together!

Best regards,

Venkata Pardha Saradhi Attuluri (Pardha Saradhi) 

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