Culture Media

2x YT medium

Table Of Contents Introduction 2xYT medium is a nutritionally rich liquid formulation that is used for the propagation of recombinant…

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Arabidopsis Pollen Germination Medium

There are a handful of Pollen Germination Media (PGM) formulated for one of the widely used model plant, Arabidopsis. In…

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Arabidopsis Pollen Germination Medium (Li H 1999)

There are a handful of Arabidopsis pollen germination media. This article gives you the composition based on Li H 1999.

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DRBC agar: Principle and preparation

Dichloran-rose bengal chloramphenicol agar or DRBC agar or DRBC media is used to enumerate microbes that spread, mostly fungi. In…

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EMB agar (Eosin-Methylene Blue agar)

The principle and preparation of EMB agar was discussed in detail. You will learn the reason behind green metallic sheen,…

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LB broth / LB medium

Giuseppe Bertani formulated LB broth in 1951 in an attempt to optimise Shigella growth and plaque formation. Although LB media…

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MacConkey agar

MacConkey agar is both selective and differential media. In this article you will learn the principle and preparation of MacConkey…

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Minimal media (Davis formulation)

Minimal media is a defined media i.e., media with known composition. In this article, we have described preparation of the…

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MS media (Murashige – Skoog) composition and preparation

Table Of Contents Introduction The composition of the growing medium is crucial in every experiment containing living organisms. The need…

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Nutrient agar and Nutrient broth

Nutrient agar (and broth version of it) is a general-purpose/basal medium that supports the growth of a wide range of…

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